I'm an UMT student! :)

by - Friday, September 30, 2011

Hey guys.
Sorry for not updating my blog for so long.
Its been month since i last posted something here.

I'm happy to say,i'm an university student right now.
Yes,i'm in UMT (Universiti Malaysia Terengganu) right now!!!
Alhamdulillah,one of my mission in life is fulfilled.
Its been month since i'm away from home.
rindu rumah juga sometimes.
but i have to be tough!
Hihi,being independent tu kan penting.
Lagipun kat sini,everyone are so nice to me.
and that makes me fit in here more easily.

UMT is so different from other universities in Malaysia.
and why is that?
It is because it is place betul-betul sebelah pantai.
Bila-bila pun boleh pergi tengok air laut..boleh rasa pasir pantai.
and it have it's own island!
Pulau Bidong.

Yup,i just went for a Survival Laut three days ago in Pulau Bidong.
For your information,Survival Laut is actually a must-attend program for every student in UMT.
Its like a one and a half day camp in Pulau Bidong.
This program is created to give students confidence in seawater.
and to expose them about Marine Life in Terengganu. 
There,you will learn how to swim..how to fish..how to canoe..and how to snorkel.

For people who aren't easily mabuk laut,its fun.
But for me,agak terseksa juga la.
Haha,baru 2 minutes tunggu dalam boat dah muntah.
Macam mana ni?
Ayah betul-betul minat memancing.
tapi anak dia can't even stand minutes in a floating boat.
macam mana tu?? hrm..

Balik daripada Pulau Bidong,terus demam dua hari.
pergi kelas pun rasa macam nak pitam je.
kepala pening,makan semua terus muntah.
Jumpa doktor,dia cakap gastrik.
huhu..padahal saya dah makan nasi kot pagi tadi. 
apa yang tak makan nye?

Tapi takpe,sebab doktor tu handsome gila.
terubat juga la sakit saya ni.hoho

One thing that memang different between Selangor & Terengganu is the food.
yup,kat sini masakan semua manis.
Sambal nasi lemak manis,sambal yg ada cili padi pun manis sangat2.
Memang style masakan kat sini manis2.
Jadi saya pun slowly belajar how to adapt with the food here.
But sometimes,i kind of miss Cili Padi though.
Cik Cili Padi!!!
I Miss You!!!! :(

Hihi,one little thing..my skin is really dah hitam.
not fully hitam,but yes.its getting darker day by day.
since UMT is near the beach,so yes.
lagi hitam la saya day by day.

but everything ada baik dan buruknye kan?
walaupun dah hitam sikit tapi berat badan dah turun sangat2.
It nearly reaching 48kg now.

and just to tell you,in the cocuricular activity here.
I'm involve in theatre acting. :)
I'm really passionate about it.
everytime there's an event..i would be performed on stage.
but i'm not holding the major role,just the minor role.
it's fun.but sometimes its kind of tired.
because you have to practice a lot to make the scene perfect and alive as it is.

Secara keseluruhannya,i'm happy with my life now.
I'm reaching one goal of my life,one by one.
Alhamdulillah,Allah s.w.t sentiasa melindungi saya.
family baik,roommates baik,kawan2 pun baik.
could i ask more?
cuma tinggal bersyukur je Illiya. :)

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