A Letter and The Perfect Wedding Song

by - Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Dear my future husband, how are you?
It's me, Illiya.
I am writing this ahead of time.
I wish to meet you before time,
but maybe God just want to keep a little surprise for his creations.
so I have to be patient and wait.
because waiting for the right time to come is a bless.
is it not?

Honestly saying.. I don't know the future.
I don't know what path Allah swt had written for me in this world.
I am not sure that I've met you before or not.
but if I already did met you,
I really hope that the person that I am with now is you.
but if I haven't meet you yet,
Assalamualaikum. :)

Sometimes when I think about the future, I feel like I want to cry.
It is something so big and mysterious that it makes you wonder,
what could happen if this didn't happen?
what would happen if I didn't do the things that I did?
but these feelings, is the God that created it.
and I believe that it is created with so much love.
and I cherish it so much.
Thank you Allah swt.
Alhamdulillah.. :)

To my dear future husband,
I know that I am destined to be with you.
and I will wait patiently until the right time to come.
but if I may, I want to say..
when we did get married, please be someone that I am already with now.
I keep on praying that he's the one.
I keep on wishing that Allah swt would answer my prayer one day.

I had a long talk with him yesterday.
and he said the same thing to me,
"We are still young. We are both only twenty years old. We got more years ahead of us.
We could plan, but we don't know the future."
I just smile when he said that because it is so true.
Life is full of wonders.
and in my heart, all that are written are..
If i could and if our hearts are destined to be together,
I hope I can be with you till my last breath.
I hope I could love you for the rest of my life.
Till jannah.
Insyaallah. :)

I found a perfect wedding song.
I love the music.it reminds of tenderness, kindness, and love.
I wish that one day, we will get to use this song on our wedding day.
Amin ya rabbal alamin.. :)

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  1. its beautiful, meaningful! really! :)

  2. suka lagu ni- once had this song celebrating me and ma ex- wuwu - ok tutup citer lama.lalala

    1. haha,lagu ni kira baru kot.
      haa..ada story lettew.

    2. hehe, kalau nak tau - rajin2 lah masuk blog anasyg ^^,

  3. ayat-ayat yg sangat bermakna. suke la :)

    1. hihi,thank you.
      sbnrnye x plan pun nak buat entry ni.
      Ilya baru tulis tgh hari tadi je. :)

  4. Penulisan yang sangat baik! aku bace sambil dengar lagu christina perri. pergghh. Feeling beb!
    Mesti 'dia' terharu bile bace entry ni. Good luck and keep on praying. InsyaAllah he's the one. :)

    1. Ilya pun tak tahu sama ada 'dia' dah baca ke tak lagi.
      sebab dia jarang online.
      tapi harap sangat dia baca.
      InsyaAllah..till jannah.
      terima kasih sbb doakan kami. :)

  5. very well written. thumbs up! ^^ follow u here~ =)

  6. barvo friend ! bravo !

    may Allah bless you :)

  7. Good writing, dear.. I think your literature are quite on the same level with a person who study literature.. But very good dear & i'm moved with your word. Nice and thumbs up! WooHoo ^^