Tabung Haji Hotel & Convention Centre Terengganu

by - Monday, June 30, 2014

After Sutra Beach Resort, my family and I decided to stay in hotel that was closer to UMT.
So that it will be easier to pick up my things from the house I rented.

Anyway, the stay was amazing.
Maybe because the hotel was just build not too long ago, so everything is new and still shiny.
We stay for the first day of Ramadhan there, so they provided us with suhoor from 3.30am until 5.00am.
Substitute for the breakfast coupons.
The staff of the hotel was nice too.
Plus they were giving out bubur lambuk for free in front of the hotel entrance starting 4.30pm everyday.
What I really love about my experience staying there was that the surrounding was very soothing and islamic.
Quran verses were played in medium volume throughout the hotel building.
They even provided surau and and an adequate space for terawih secara berjemaah for people who were travelling.
Terasa semangat Ramadhan itu walaupun di perantauan.

pic name
Deluxe Twin Room was RM209 by booking online
pic name
Flat-screen Television

pic name
Complimentary hotel key card
pic name
Convenient table for people on their business trips

Bathroom is quite spacious. They have separate part for the shower and toilet.

View from the hotel room's window
Breakfast with Air Zam-Zam, BBQ Kambing & Kibas. This is their specialties. Something that you see rarely serve at a hotel is serve here.

Map to TH Hotel & Convention Centre Terengganu. Source : halalhotels

In my opinion, this hotel is very suitable for people who are on their business trips because first the room is equipped for that. Second is that the hotel is located only 5 minutes away from Sultan Mahmud Airport,Kuala Terengganu. So it is easy to travel back and forth using flights such as Mas, Firefly, and AirAsia because the bus terminal for Kuala Terengganu is quite far into the city.

For families to stay here, maybe is not very suitable. Nevertheless, there are open swimming pool and even private pools for the muslim ladies. So that is something you can look forward to. A private swimming pool! Which for the muslim ladies means no need to wear hijab when you are swimming! Yay!
I once had a swim there when I had hi-tea in this hotel.
Maybe I will update it later on.
Keep an eye on this blog. ;) 

For more information, you can visit : 

TH Hotel & Convention Terengganu Official Website :

Address : Kampung Ngansa, Mukim Kuala Nerus, Kuala Terengganu, 18300 Terengganu Darul Iman.
Telephone No. : (609)-6686666
Fax : (609)-6674000
Email :

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