All RM5 Book Fiesta at Viva Expo Hall (Organized by Popular Book(M) Sdn Bhd)

by - Tuesday, November 25, 2014

As most of all crave books and wait for months for the biggest book sale in Malaysia to be happening on 5 December 2014 which is the BigBadWolfBooksSale, suddenly Popular Book (M) Sdn Bhd had make a shocking sale!

All RM5.00 book fiesta! 

I heard that Popular already organized a book fair at Danga City Mall, Johor so I wasn't expecting that it will be happening in Kuala Lumpur too! I was so excited, after much pursuing and insisting my parents that I really wanted to go..I finally got to go there on Sunday!

As expected, it were remaindered books. That was why all the book was priced at a flat rate of RM5.00. Remember what I told you about remaindered books? If you had a hard time recalling it. Read my blog post here. I love remaindered books! It is the chance where I can get to read lots of books at low prices!

When my family and I got there, Viva Home Shopping Mall is quite new so there was not that many people inside. Even at the Viva Expo Hall, there were not as many people as I expected it will be. Since it is Sunday and it was the first weekend for the book fiesta. Many people was actually saving for BigBadWolfBooks, that is why they had to close their eyes for this book sale. But for me, look at the bargain prices! RM5 Flat for every single book! Who can resist?? Anyway, I really love how when I entered the expo, the staff greeted me and handed me a shopping basket for easy shopping. Even the cashier, they had a good system so that customers will not have to wait to pay for their books.

My book haul! A total of 47 books for only RM235! Such a good bargain!

Compare to BigBadWolfBooks, this book sale is very cheap and the stock is very different. Some of the books i already saw it at Bookxcess & BigBadWolfBooks website, but most of them are different. I guess Popular got it from different publishers. I love that there were new releases too!

Since I already bought these many books, seems like I will not be going to the BigBadWolfBookSale though. I need to finish reading these book first. If not I will have tonne of books that I have not read yet on my bookshelves. It will just be a little waste. Don't they?

Anyway, if you are planning to go there.
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Viva Shopping Mall
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Address :
Viva Venture PLT (LLP0001146-LGN)
LG35 Lower Ground Floor,
Viva Home Shopping Mall,
85, Jalan Loke Yew,
55200 Kuala Lumpur.

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Happy book shopping! and go fast before the book expo ended!!
Have a nice day! :)

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