20th of April 2011 (part2) : Goodbye Kolej Matrikulasi Selangor.

by - Friday, July 29, 2011

tepat-tepat pukul 11 pagi..
chemistry paper 1 for PSPM 2 ended.
yay! thats means..the one-year matriculation programme is over!

when the exam over..
Ali,the representative of the class f2p3 said that he would like to gather us together for the last time
in front of  bangunan andromeda.
to said our last goodbyes. :)

from left: asmira,syahirah,rawaida,diyanah,farah,and jannah.

group hug!
in this video,both foo and shaqeer said their last words with their classmates. :)
but kesian ali ni! zul,ali tak minat budak polaris la.
dia minat budak vega yang duduk kt tingkat dua la. =.=

from left : shaqeer,shafiq,sir adib,fazli,zul,syazrin,ali,qutbi,and foo

fazli & qutbi
zul yang kerek  :)

kamilah & fazli! fazli,knp tutup mata?? anyway,wish you guys a long lasting relationship.wink2

when i asked syazrin to take this picture,he thought that i wanted to take a picture alone with him.
maybe dia dah biasa girls minta tangkap gambar dengan dia kot.
haha.memang banyak peminat sungguh kamu ni.


20th april was the last time i saw my fellow f2p3 classmates.
even though the time we spent together in kms is too short..
it is still a wonderful experience to have met all of you guys. :)

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