Dance Idol : Girls' Generation (Korea)

by - Thursday, September 01, 2011

Girls' Generation which also known as SNSD (SoNyuhShiDae) 
portray an image of cuteness and sexy.
Gee,Genie,Run Devil Run,Mr.Taxi.
even though nine of them all are stunningly beautiful,each of them can dance and sing too!
yup,i've been a fan of them since they made their debut in 2007.
and almost all of their songs and dance choreography i've had memorized.
they had been my dance idol for almost five years now.

if you haven't watch their dance cut yet,
do watch the videos below.
they are the compilation of their dance cut in music shows in korea.

video credit : CodeMonmon

I kissed a girl - Katy Perry
Womanizer - Britney Spears
Hollaback girl - Gwen Stefani
My love - Justin Timberlake
4 my people - Missy Elliot
Laarbasses - Safri Duo
SNSD with 2PM : Mary J.Blige - Be without you & DuranDuran - Night Runner
SNSD with Shinee & Super Junior : Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson
 Rhythm Nation - Janet Jackson

Yuri performed a solo dance to 1,2 Step in one of their concert

Circus - Britney Spears
Sugar - Florida
Get Right - Jennifer Lopez
Deja Vu - Beyonce Knowles
Mannequin - Trish
If you seek Amy - Britney Spears

at the video ending,CodeMonmon make a fast forward video of Mr.Taxi.
if you are frustrated as in why the video is like that.
here the official music video. :)

SNSD - Mr.Taxi Mv

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