Japan Family Trip : Day 7 (Our Last Day in Japan)

by - Saturday, January 19, 2013

14th February 2012 
Day 7 in Japan :

  • Pack our bags & luggages & head back to our beloved country, Malaysia.

All the bags were packed & ready to check-in for cargo.

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Last time we rode the subway but this time, since all the bags were so heavy..we rode the bus. This bus lead us directly to Haneda Airport.
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Alhamdullilah, we arrived at Haneda Airport safely.

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See how many bags were there? A lot! :)
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After eight long hours, we all arrived at LCCT Airport.
To be honest, we miss Malaysia so much.
Siap turun daripada flight, dalam kereta terus jerit
" Malaysia Boleh! Malaysia Boleh! " lagi.
Gila kan? haha

Anyway..I want to say thank you for those of you
who followed my journey in Japan in this blog.
The reason I decided to upload and made all this pictures
to be shown to the public is not because I want to show off or anything.

Firstly because it could be helpful for those who want to travel to Japan.
I even received emails of people asking me about
how my sister made the arrangements to travel there.

 Secondly, it is just one of those memories that you know it is
so precious and if you can, you want it to be repeated so many time in your life.
because I know, that one day..all these memories will be forgotten little by little.
That is why I like to captured them in a timeline, with stories & pictures.
So that I would not forget anything about this trip
which filled with so many sweet memories between my family members and I.
It had been so long since we all had a vacation together.
Therefore, it was so much fun! :)
Japan Family Trip ini pun semua secara kebetulan,
susun atur-Nya dan rezeki kami.
If you asked me, I couldn't even imagine that I get to
spend my first semester break in Japan.
Like my mother said, "Rasa macam mimpi sahaja."
After this, London pula!!!
I hope!
*day dreaming*

Please do check my other days in my family trip in Japan.

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  1. Thanks nrlly sebab singgah dan komen blog am. Bertuah kot awak dapat bercuti dekat Jepun. Sebab Jepun ni nak masuk kene apply visa, lepastu harga barang dekat sana tersangatla maha l^__^