Where to Buy Books at Lower & Discounted Price in Malaysia

by - Friday, November 21, 2014

Hello Booklovers and Bibliophile!
In this post I will share with you how I got most of my books.
I am gonna post the pictures of my books and bookshelves as soon as this post is up.

I really love to read fiction and non-fiction book.
These are just my recommendations.
If you have any place or website to recommend, do let me know and comment below. ;)

Bookxcess is a store that sell remaindered book. Remaindered books are printed books that are no longer selling well and whose remaining unsold copies are being liquidated by the publisher at a greatly reduced prices. While the publisher takes a loss on the sales of these books, they are able to make some money off the sale and clear out space in the warehouses. You can read in details where Bookxcess got their books here & here. There is even an online article from The Star.

source : bookxcess

Therefore, all of the books sold here are 50% to 80% off retail prices. I really love going to Bookxcess.Everything is so cheap! Since I am from Shah Alam, I will go mostly on weekends. Even though the outdoor parking for Amcorp Mall is RM5.00 per hour, it was really worth it.

Bookxcess are located in two places. Amcorp Mall in Petaling Jaya and fahrenheit88 in Kuala Lumpur. I never been to Bookxcess in fahrenheit88 yet. Maybe soon I will pay a visit.

Books that I bought with BB1M

Curious Corner at Bookxcess. Where they sell posters, dolls,tin signs and gifts set.
Yes, that's me.

Non-fiction books that I bought. Look at how much the price had been reduced!

Bookxcess Plastic Bag

Details on Bookxcess :

Retail Outlets
Amcorp Mall
L3-60, Amcorp Mall,
18 Jalan Persiaran Barat,
off Jalan Timur,
46050 Petaling Jaya,
Telephone Number : 03-79560455
Email : sales@bookxcess.com

Lot 2-14 to Lot2-22,
179 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur,
Telephone Number : 03-21106996
Email : sales@bookxcess.com

Online Store : bookxcessonline.com (delivery charges apply depends on the amount of the books)
Official Website : bookxcess.com
Facebook Page : Bookxcess
Instagram : bookxcess
Twitter : bookxcess

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 
This is the biggest book sale that happened on states in Malaysia every year. The price is as low as RM3.00 per book. Yes, 75% - 95% discount for every books in the event. Crazy right? If you are asking why the reduced price sound familiar? Well, the big bad wolf book sale event is actually held by the mother itself, Bookxcess! That is why the prices are low and the books that are available at the event are the same as the books that they sell in the Bookxcess retail outlets. So for an instance if you want to buy a specific book from Bookxcess for RM17.90, you can get the same book for the price of only RM8.00 at the event. Awesome right?

It is not easy to predict when the event or the book sale is going to be held. Therefore you need to keep alert of the news that the wolf will tell you.

Where to hear the latest news from the wolf :
Official Website : bigbadwolfbooks.com
Facebook Page : Big Bad Wolf Books
Instagram : bigbadwolfbooks
Twitter : The Big Bad Wolf

For now, this is the latest news from the wolf. There are coming to Malaysia International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC) from 5th until 16th Dec 2014 non-stop. This is the biggest book sale that they will hold every year.

Honestly I never went to any bigbadwolfbooks event. I never got a chance. So I hope this time around, I will get to go once. ;)

Maps on how to get to MIECC.
Source : bigbadwolfbooks

There is a guide on what you will expect to bring and do while you are there on the official website. But I found a very useful article online about the preparation. I thought that I would share here. See here.

POPULAR Bookstore : Blockbuster Price

The Blockbuster Price Section in Popular Bookstore
As you already know.. Popular Bookstore is a retail bookstore that sell books at normal price. But on one section in the bookstore, which is the Blockbuster Price. The books are tagged as remaindered books and are sold from RM6.90 until RM29.90. I am not sure whether other Popular Bookstores has this section, but the one that I usually visit in Paradigm Mall has it. Even though they are remaindered books too like Bookxcess & Bigbadwolfbooks events, the book titles here are different. They probably get it from different publisher.


For people that like to browse and shopping for books without moving their feet,or without the need to ask the shop assistant to search for the title of the book you wanted, and you want the books to be deliver in front of your house without any effort.. yes, this is really the best site you will ever love!!

And yes..I meant me! I usually bought my books here. Because I can't always go out. So it is very convenient that I can still buy books even if I have no transportation to the nearest bookstores in the area.

The best thing about this site is that they update it often, the books descriptions are clear (nameof publisher, hardcover or paperback, date published, edition, etc) and if you place and order, they will update it as soon as possible. Which means, you can easily keep track of your newly purchased books! Moreover, if you have a collections of books,and you want them to be synchronize and look exquisite besides one another, you can actually choose which book from the publisher that you would want to buy.

I personally like the delivery charges that MPHOnline.com apply. For purchases of only RM50 and above, the postage are free! And they post them for all the states in Malaysia and also for overseas customer. I really like this because other bookstore would probably ask you to purchase a minimum of RM200 for a free delivery charges. Because books are so heavy!! Gah!

Other than that, it is listed as my favourite online bookstore because once you buy a book for RM100 and above, you get to be a MoRewards member where you get 10% out of any books you want to buy. And there are special promotions and prices that you get for being a MoRewards member. See here.

These four are the main ways that I get my books from.
Other interesting site that I would think other bibliophile might appreciate are :

1) MPH Distributors Warehouse Sale. Like their facebook page here , to be alert of the sales that they often done. For your information, MPH Distributors is the market leader in the districbution of books and magazines in Malaysia and Singapore. Source

2) Member benefits for Times and Popular bookstores. I know both of these store have to pay an amount of RM20 per year and get discounts on books or 'Buy 3 for 2' books, 25% off newly arrived books, and special events held for members only. I love to like their pages on facebook so that I will always be alert on promotions and new released books are available at their stores.

Times Bookstore
Official Website
Facebook Page

POPULAR Bookstore
Official Website
Facebook Page

3) DeBook Room. I only had a one experience buying books here. I think the prices on debookroom are slightly cheaper than the retail bookstore price. Some books I notice that the owner bought it from bookxcess and sell it here on debookroom at higher prices. So, for a consumer..you need to do a real research before you buy it here. Because you may get it even cheaper on other bookstore. But aside from that, the price of other books are great and the owner is really nice too. She often update the pictures on instagram. I always find it hard to resist when debookroom place a very low price on books that are on my to buy list. I kind of wanna say.. "Buy Illiya..buy." Haha, check the website out.

Official Website : debookroom
Facebook Page : DeBook Room
Instagram : debookroom

I don't really know about Kinokuniya & Borders because I rarely go to Kuala Lumpur. All I know is that Borders has RadioShack and a cozy place to read books while drinking coffee. As for Kinokuniya, i know that the books there cost RM3 or RM4 more from the normal retail prices and they have so many hard-to-get books and manga there. If you happen to know any promotions, what are the privilege of being a member on Kinokuniya and Borders, let me know. Because I really want to know. Thank you beforehand. :)

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