Book Review : The Ex-Boyfriend's Handbook by Matt Dunn

by - Monday, August 15, 2011

This is the first time i am writing a book review.
always wanted to write one for so long though. :)

When Edward Middleton was suddenly left by his girlfriend,Jane of the past ten years
with a note saying "it's not me - it's you." and went to Tibet,
he knows he's in serious trouble.
Determined to get her back,Edward realizes he must learn how to make Jane fancy him again.
with the help of his friend,Dan.
he tried all sort of stuff and did so many changes with his life.
he did changes with his car,furniture,hair,job,and his own figure.
the way he looks,the way he talk to women,how confident he is with his life now.
all of these qualities developed and changes as the story goes on.
until lastly Edward realized,all of the huge changes that he did was not actually for Jane.
but for himself.
and Edward in the end fall in love for someone else
who really appreciate and accept him for his real self.

I just finish reading this book about 5 days ago.
the novel its kind of funny.
i actually laugh out loud at some of the jokes.
yup,sounds a little crazy.
i know. :)

This novel is about self discovery of the main character.
It gives you and insider about a break up from a man's point of view.

I learnt a lot from this book.
Lets see if i can put it up in words.

Firstly,first impression..
even though it is very important.
it doesn't actually represent who a person is.
a person that you meet now,could be a different person when you meet him/her in a few years to come.
people change.
so to judge people based on only your first impression is entirely a wrong thing to do.

even though you break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend..
there is always someone better out there waiting for you.
Allah s.w.t maha adil dan penyayang.
don't worry. :)
if we love Allah s.w.t, He will surely love us back.
kalau kita buat baik,tak ganggu kehidupan orang lain..
insyaallah,Allah s.w.t would find a good person to replace our ex-boyfriend/girlfriend.

The third lesson learnt,
you must work hard to get want you want in life.
setiap kali tawakal perlu disertakan dengan usaha.
you won't achieved anything in life if you just wait and pray to god.
it have to be done with full effort too.

Other than that,
accept and love a person just the way they are.
every person in this world are different with each other.
thats what makes it fun getting to know people with pelbagai perangai.
but every person in this world are not perfect.
so if the person that you love have a flaw,
and if it could be fix,
kindly talk to them about it. :)

looks doesn't really matter.
yes,for some people..the first thing they see is looks.
i too,sometimes tengok rupa juga.
but kalau korang notice,kebanyakan orang are not really good like their faces are.
so,don't judge a person just with their looks.
get to know them first.

These are just lessons that i had in mind regarding this novel.
if you have time,do spend a little time reading this book.
its really nice.

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