Misi membuka puasa sendirian! + Fried Popiah (Spring Rolls) Recipe

by - Friday, August 05, 2011

Selamat menyambut Ramadhan everyone! :)
hehe,i love ramadhan.
mainly its because i get to break my fast with my family nearly everyday for about 30 days.
dapat tolong siapkan makanan untuk berbuka kat dapur sama2.
best sangat!

yesterday,my parents pergi berbuka puasa kat luar with their friends.
so..there left only my first sister,my brother,and i.
since my first sister went off to work and came home late..
i was the one yang kena masak.
wah..macam dahsyat kan bunyi nye?
hehe,tapi tak la.
saya masak yang side dishes je.
sayur,tauhu telur,and  fried popiah(spring rolls).
main dishes which was ikan tuka masak asam tu..
mak saya yang masak.hoho.

semalam belajar macam mana nak buat fried popiah (spring rolls) daripada mak.
jadi hari ni saya nak share recipe di sini.

Fried Popiah (Spring Rolls) Recipe

  • Spring Rolls Pastry.
  • Half of a carrot & half of a yam bean (sengkuang) dicincang halus and mix together.

Step 1: Put a piece of spring roll pastry on a stable plate.
Step 2 : Put some of the vegetable mixes on the spring roll pastry.
Step 3: Fold them neatly and carefully.

Step 5: Dab in some glue (a mix of warm water & multipurpose flour) on top of the spring roll.

one done! :)

Step 6 : After you are done for about 10,fried them.
Lastly,makan! nyum2. 
Selamat mencuba! :)

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