50 Reasons Why I Love You

by - Monday, July 23, 2012

Syafiq asked me to write an entry for him.
because every time that he asked me what I was doing..
all I say was "updating my blog."
So he requested entries regarding him here on my blog.
I already post the first entry before, if you haven't read it yet.
please do here.
I guess he really wants his girlfriend here to really think about him.
I think about you dear, more than i should! don't worry. ^-^

Actually I am not the type of person who would share about all her love life in public.
because I like the memories and story to be kept just between both of us.
So writing these here is kind of awkward for me.
and sorry if entry ini sangat mengelikan kepada kamu.
seems like you just have to bear that we really do love each other so much.
hihi, kan syafiq kan?

what I am gonna write here are 50 Reasons Why I Love Syafiq Helmi.
It is really hard to explain why you love someone.
Even if I asked Syafiq why he loves me, he cannot really explain why.
but he said to me that he really do.
Even I can't really explain it well.
So i decided to write all the nicest things I found about him.
I did these all by myself. without referring to anything.
If you have someone that you really love.
I am sure that what I am gonna say here will make you think about your loved one straight away.
I wish for you and your partner well and happiness.
and please wish for our happiness too!
if you don't mind. ^-^

50 Reasons Why I Love Syafiq Helmi
  1. You love me.
  2. You take care of me.
  3. You trust me.
  4. You miss me when I am gone.
  5. You have so much faith in me.
  6. You are very loyal to me.
  7. You would not leave me all by myself.
  8. You are always concern about me.
  9. You are always thinking about me. Even when we don't contact each other.
  10. I love you when you said "duit boleh dicari tetapi cinta susah untuk diperoleh."
  11. I also love you when you said "saya nak bina sebuah masjid dengan awak."
  12. You said that you want to spend your life time with me.
  13. You said that you want to have kids with me in the future.
  14. You already gave our future children their names.
  15. You said that I am the first one to touch your heart.
  16. You want me to create a diary of our love story so that we would not forget about it.
  17. You are very kind.
  18. You help me a lot.
  19. You rely on me.
  20. You are really cute & charming.
  21. You are a passionate person.
  22. You think about others.
  23. You respect people that are much more older than you.
  24. You take care of your parents' hearts.
  25. You work really hard to achieve your goals in life.
  26. Once you set your mind on something, you will give your all to achieve it.
  27. You made me your only best friend in this world.
  28. You told me stories that you would not tell anyone.
  29. You are really playful.
  30. Sometimes you can be really serious.
  31. You accept me just the way I am.
  32. You get along with others really well.
  33. You are very friendly.
  34. You feel jealous when I am close with other guys.
  35. You don't like to see me cry.
  36. You help me carry my heavy luggage every time I went home by a flight.
  37. You always help me to get to the airport on time.
  38. No matter how ugly I look, you still said I am pretty and beautiful.
  39. Every night before we both go to sleep, you would secretly wait for my goodnight message or a call from me.
  40. You make me feel very glad that I have the chance to meet you in this world.
  41. When we walk together, you would watch my steps because you know that I am really clumsy.
  42. You always says the nicest thing to me.
  43. You are a very patient person.
  44. Every time we had a couple fight, you wouldn't blame me. Instead you say it was your fault even though it was obvious that it was mine.
  45. You don't have a big ego like most of guys do. 
  46. You know how to comfort me when I am down and sad.
  47. You always know when my moods are down even though I didn't tell you anything.
  48. You often sit by my side in our class.
  49. You offer to help me with my studies when my grades are lower than you.
  50. You made me realized that knowing you is the best thing that ever happen to me.
There are actually a lot more reasons.
but I rather to keep it private.
Thanks for reading though.

As for Syafiq, if you are reading this right now.
I just want to say that I love you so much.
I actually don't need reasons to love you because I already fall head over heels for you.
I hope that this entry will cheer you up.
Have a happy day.

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