Japan Family Trip : Day 3 ( Fujiten Snow Resort )

by - Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's playing snow time!!
The day three trip in Japan, all we did was played the snow at Fujiten Snow Resort.
Let's get to the pictures now. :)

10th February 2012.
Day 3 in Japan :

  • Missions for that day : Play the snow at the very best , Have an awesome time , and Take a lot of pictures!!

Mount Fuji view from the hotel that we stayed in.

Yay! dah nampak snow sedikit da!

This picture was only taken in the car,but still it captured the outside view very well.

We arrived at the parking lot for Fujiten Snow Resort.

Coming closer to the resort.

Fujiten Snow Resort!!

Entering it slowly and steady.

Sampai dah! ^-^

Another foot stamped! we've been here!!

My mom checking out the view.

There were a lot of families there but mostly they were Japanese.

These are my mom and dad everyone! ^-^

View inside the Fujiten Snow Resort.

You can rent snowboard and ski there. and there are even school where they teach younger children to play the ski and snowboarding.

It was seriously cold at that time.

My sister and my brother-in-law were ready to play the snowboard.

First time playing with the snow.

My sister practice her snowboarding skills.

Playing slides using the snowboard.

In the end, had a crash. haha

Muka gembira giler~!! tak boleh bla. hahahaha

Yumi Katsura Lover's Sanctuary since 2006.

Took a beautiful picture here. You can see view of the Mount Fuji at the upper X.

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