How to remember a fully choreograph dance routine?

by - Tuesday, August 09, 2011

When i was having fun and dance a fully choreograph dance routine in front of my friends.
They always asking me.

"How do you remember all the steps in the dance routine so accurately? It look kind of hard."
hehe.senang je la sebenarnye.
and kalau you don't remember a few steps..
reka je apa-apa dance steps to recover that part.
freestyle dance always works. 

post kali ini...
i would like to give some pointer regarding how to dance.
secara jujurnya,saya pun bukannya terer sangat menari ni.
tapi just for sharing..i would like to tell you this. :)

Step 1 : Start searching for a video.
you can search and download a dance video in youtube.
ok,for instance..if you want to learn snsd's oh! dance routine..
don't search for the official music video.

search for a dance practice video of them that are mirrored.

"why mirrorred?"
because it will be easier to copy the dance moves directly from the video.
if not,you have to use your brain to switch the move from left to right and right to left.
and if there are no dance practice video or dance version for the song you want to dance to..
search for live dance compilation or a fancam performances which are mirrored.
like this.

and if you find it hard to catch the dance steps.
there are always the slowed version of the dance.
or you can use the video player in your computer to slow the video yourself.

Step 2 : Break the song apart and memorize the song part by part.
As you already know..
a song is divided into 6 parts.

[Verse 1]
First chorus
[Verse 2]
Second chorus
Final Chorus

  • [Verse 1] - memorize the dance routine part of a song.
  • First chorus - memorize this dance routine too.
  • [Verse 2] - the dance routine at this part would be similar to [Verse 1] but maybe there are some changes here and there.
  • Second chorus - just repeat the dance steps you memorize in the first chorus.
  • [Bridge] - the dance routine for this part of a song is normally different from the verse & chorus dance,you have no other choice than to memorize it.
  • Final chorus - the dance routine at this part would be really similar to the first and second chorus but at the ending,there would be some changes here and there.
So basically,you just need to memorize the dance routine for only 3 parts of the song.
easy right?

Step 3 : Practice,practice,and practice.
After you had memorized the dance routine,practice them.

Stage 1  - Practice while watching the dance video that you downloaded earlier.this stage is to make sure you make the same dance move with the singer themselves.

Stage 2 - Practice while only listening to the song.this is to make sure you are synchronizing well with the let you teach your own body to dance to which sounds according to the beat of the song.

to make your dance routine to be perfect,you have to practice dancing a lot.
so that you are confident to move your own body.

Step 4 : Perform.
when you are ready to perform in front of an audience,
there are two things that you must have.
that are:
Confidence & Emotions.

Even though you don't really remember the dance steps.
have confidence and just dance awesomely on stage.
then people won't even know that you made a mistake.

Emotions is important too.
without emotions,your performances will be very dull.
after some practice,you would know what face expressions are suitable to match the song that you memorize.

that is all for my pointer in memorizing a dance choreography.
easy right?
now you can start dancing easily.
good luck. :)

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