What you may not know about contact lenses & the personal life story.

by - Monday, August 08, 2011

are you feeling good today?
i hope you are.

haha,me too.
tak sabar nak buka puasa ni. :)

ok,today saya akan bercerita mengenai contact lenses.
apa yang anda tahu..dan apa yang anda mungkin tak tahu mengenai contact lenses.

i've started wearing contact lens when i was 15 years old.
my friend ada yang dah pakai contact lens daripada 12 tahun lagi.awal kan?

waktu mula-mula,saya pakai colourless contact lens.
my optician said that since i have an astigmatism,i can't wear colour contact lenses.
she said its not good for my eyes.
so,she recommended toric contact lenses for me.

what are toric lenses?
Toric lenses are different than a spherical lenses (nomal lenses).
It is design for people who have astigmatism.
toric lenses cost a little more than spherical contact lenses.
for example,toric lenses are price at about RM50.00 per pair but spherical are about half the price,RM25.00 per pair.

Then,when i was 17 years old..since i got tired wearing colourless lenses,
i decided to try wearing colour contact lens for a change.
since the price of toric lenses and colour contact lenses are the same,
there's no harm trying right?

so then,lepas dah try..since there are many types of colour.
semua saya cuba.
green,blue,light blue,purple,honey,gray,violet,pink,brown.
yang besarkan mata la.
semua saya try.
sometimes,the lenses make me look pretty..but sometimes..
it look like my eyes are disconnected from their sockets.
come to think of it,
what was i thinking??
wearing such colour of contact lenses?
haha,berani gila.

when i enter college,i was still wearing colour contact lenses.
yes,when you wear colour contacts,people will tend to remember you.
why is it huh?
maybe its because you look different from the others?
erm..i also don't really know about this.
so then,after a while..it became my thing.
many of my friends said that i look fine wearing colour contact lenses.
they said it suits me and it doesn't look like i was wearing the lenses to try to look pretty.
they said i look rather normal wearing the lens.
some of my friends,doesn't actually notice even if i change the colour of my lens.

my sister also said that it was my thing.
she said when people said colour contact lenses,they would remember me.
is it true?
do i come into your mind when the word 'contact lenses' is spoken?

to be honest,i don't really like wearing contact lenses.
it makes my eyes feel uncomfortable.
especially when the lens are about to reach its due date.
mata rasa macam nak tercabut je bila pakai.
but since i would look very nerdy kalau saya pakai cermin mata,
jadi solutionnye..contact lens la.

sejak cuti ni,since saya duduk kat rumah je..tak pergi mana-mana.
i just wear glasses at home.
so,for your information..i'm very nerdy at home.haha

anyway,since i wore contact lenses for such along time.
a lot of my friends asked me some pointer in wearing contact lenses.
so today,i did some research and decided to write it out here.
there are many types of contact lens in store.
so you have to be very precise in buying which lens that are suitable with your eyes.
but before buying it,please ask your optician and conduct eye exam first.
its normally are free. :)

Colourless contact lenses
Firstly,i would like to tell you about colourless contact lenses.
There are 2-types of lens.
Toric & Spherical.
I already explained it at the earlier paragraph.
Example of Toric Contact Lenses:

Toric lenses are designed for people with astigmatism.
it is also highly recommended for people with very poor vision.
But for some people who likes to wear colour contact lenses but have astigmatism,
you can search for these types of lens.

As for Spherical Contact Lenses,
even though it is not as expensive as toric lenses..
it is still good.
i mean,it still has its own quality.

Colour Contact Lenses

There are wide range of colour contact lenses.

Fresh Look Colourblends
These lenses are normally price at RM50.00 per pair.

There are also the korean colour contact lenses that everyone wear now.
In almost all malaysian magazines,the model wore these types of lens.
maybe tengah "in" kot sekarang ni.

For colour contact lenses,there are various types of width to their contact lenses.

Our normal eyes have a diameter about 14mm.
Big-eyed contact lenses normally have a diameter about 16mm.

There are various shapes on the lenses to be choose from too.

These lenses are normally price at RM30.00 - Rm45.00  per pair.
they are said to have a life span of 1 year.
but it is not advisable to wear it for more than 8 months.

Disposable Contact Lenses (1-day-contact lenses)
Normally,contact lenses are monthly replaced.

But for some people who have extra money and prefer their contact lenses to be clean from any germs..
they would buy the 1-day-contact lenses.
that is,everyday they would change their contact lenses to new ones.

These types of lenses are quite expensive.
It comes in package of 30 pairs of lenses for RM120.00.
For a monthly disposable,its just RM50.00 per month.
such different in prices,huh?
but if you have the money,its no harm.

Solution & Contact Lenses Kit
First thing that you must have to wear contact lenses are:
  • The solution (sterile).
  • The contact lens case.
The contact lenses case is normally given to you if you buy a pair of contact lenses.
or..if you buy a contact lens solution,normally it is given with the box.

There many types of solutions & contact lens's drops that are available in stores.

For more information,visit this site.

Contact Lenses Travel Kit

Other Tools:
Lens2 Automated Contact Lens Cleaner

This is ideal for people who have long fingernails and are lazy to rub their contact lenses.
These are normally price at RM 99.00.


Don't misunderstand.
I'm not writing this to promote people to wear contact lenses yep.

What is the right way to wear contact lens?
For this,you can visit this site.it is very helpful.
plus,it gives the full information about handling the lens.
How to take care of your contact lens?
Please visit this site.
That site give a very detail explanation to take a proper care of your contact lens.
what should you do.
what should you not do.
and the side-effect if you don't take care of your contact lenses properly.

What others thought of you if you are wearing colour contact lenses.
This is from my real experience. :)
  • my family wouldn't mind i'm wearing colour contact lenses.they say i looked the same with or without it. (family is a family,they would just accept you the way you are).
  • my friends also doesn't mind.some of them really love colour contact lenses.
As for guys...this is what i found out...
  • If lelaki tu baik,dia prefer a girl yang tak pakai colour contact lens.this is because the  guy prefer a girl yang naturally beautiful and does not depend on her contact lens to be beautiful.
  • If lelaki tu baik & dia jenis yang carefree..he doesn't mind.kalau girl tu suka,its up to her..nak pakai lens ke tak.
  • If lelaki tu gatal,dia akan cakap girl tu hot gila duh ada mata warna pink..warna purple.
  • If lelaki tu no comment punya type,the guy would probably doesn't notice if you are wearing contact lens or not. =.=
  • but some guys..memang cakap kalau dia tak suka,dia tak suka gila.macam benci pun ada dengan perempuan yang pakai colour contact lens ni.
when i was in high school,i was wearing a blue pair of contact lens..
a guy said to me,
"why do you wear such colour of contact lens? macam kain sekolah kau je aku tengok.i don't ever want to look at you.hish."
there was time too,
i went to a majlis makan2.
majlis kesyukuran untuk anak kawan mak saya.
she's the same age as me.
but she got 10 A's for her SPM.
since we were both going to different school..
i don't know anyone at the majlis.
so i just sat and smile there.
i thought everything was okay,everyone was nice to me.
but months after that,
a boy from the majlis who went to the same college with me
told one of my classmate that everyone at the majlis were saying
"ntah ape2 la.pakai contact lens warna biru.ingat dia anak celup la macam tu eh? bajet gila."
ada certain people..diorang memang tak suka bila orang pakai colour contact lens.
its not their fault.
everyone have their own opinion right?
there's nothing wrong.

there was time too.
that i was wearing pink colour contact lens.
i was going to buy a pair of shoes at BATA factory.
it was sale at that time and i need someone to assist me with my shoes.
then when i was talking to the assistant boy,
he wouldn't stop looking at my eyes.
i asked him, "ada kasut ni,size 5 tak?"
he said, "awak pakai contact lens ke?"
"a'ah.kasut ni ada size 5 tak?"
then bila the assistant boy gave me the shoes..
dia ikut je ke mana saya pergi.
there are too many types of reaction to colour contact lens ni.
ada yang baik..dan ada juga yang buruk.

but one thing that i don't really like about colour contact lenses is that..
they cover your emotion.
eyes portray everything that you feel inside.
but if you are wearing lenses..especially the big-eyed one.
it will cover what your eyes really said about you.
no wonder la for 3 years..semua orang cakap i'm a cold-hearted girl.
takde perasaan terhadap apa2 pun.
even my friends also can't tell that whether i was crying or laughing if i wear those lenses.

tu sebab la we seldom see actor or actress wear contact lenses during their drama or movie set.
and singer too,when they are singing ballad songs on stage.
that is because they wouldn't want the contact lenses to hinder what they are actually feeling inside.

saya ingat nak masuk universiti nanti,dah tak nak pakai colour contact lens dah.
nak pakai contact lens biasa je.
tapi saya sendiri pun tak sure.
do you think i should stop wearing colour contact lens?
thats why i conduct the poll on my blog.
hopefully i will find the answer soon. :)

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