Kpop Store at Berjaya Time Square,Kuala Lumpur.

by - Thursday, August 25, 2011

When i heard that there is a kpop store in Malaysia,
i was very curious as in where it is.
so i google it and it turns out,
it is at Times Square,Kuala Lumpur.

Right after i knew this,i quickly went there with my brother and sister.
I want to get my hands on both snsd & super junior goodies!

Then,when i got eyes started to blur.
haha,there are seriously lots of goodies there.
I felt like i want to buy everything.
CNBlue,BigBang,Girls' Generation,Super Junior,Kara,TVXQ,
almost all korean idol groups goodies can be buy there.

concert goodies,t-shirt,hoodies,keychain,phone straps,posters,fan,hat,socks,
notebooks, and even CDs & DVDs.

I was planning to buy the hoodies,but it they are too expensive.
since they are imported from korea,it cost about Rm 160- Rm 220.
but i'm not going to go home without nothing alright.
my brother advice me to buy things that i can use when i'm in the university.
so lastly i only bought girls' generation phone straps. :)

For people who interested to go to the store,
here are the details.

My Star Collection Trading
Lot 05-36, 5th Floor, Berjaya Times Square,Jalan Imbi,Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel : 603-2144 7017
Email :

call them if you want to know the latest things they sell at their store.
the store is said to open everyday from 12 noon and close at 9 pm.
so if you want to go to the store,make sure you come between these time.
happy shopping people~!

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  1. hey. Please visit our new store in Sungei Wang Plaza, Kuala Lumpur. it is on 3rd floor (near cool blog)

    1. Alryte.thank you for the info.when I have the time i will try to visit the store and blog about it. :)

  2. ha'ah.dulu waktu kat PASUM selalu beli brg KPOP kat sini! ;3

  3. Did you have 'Big Bang Card Collection Star Vol.1'?
    just want to ask

    1. I think you should call the place first.maybe they know about it. :)

  4. Ini di tingkat berapa!? Tingkat 5 ke?

    1. Ya lah...dia telah menulis di atas

  5. I went here today yayyyyyy

  6. Do they have wallets???

  7. best gilerr..aku ade rantai snsd and baju snsd..gmbar nk pegi larrr

  8. aaaaaaaaaaaaqqqqqqqqquuuuuuuuuuuuuuu nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  9. Do they sell all kpop band stuff??? even the new ones there???

  10. do they sell any b1a4 t shirt or hoodies , really wannt to get 1

  11. the price you shown up there, 'rm160-rm220' are for dvds and cds or their goodies? o.o

  12. Ade jual face mask tak? Sekarang kan musim jerebu... Nk show off kat member sekolah, hahaha

  13. Ade jual topi , cd bigbang x? Nak beli? I want buy it? Bigbang hat and cd.

  14. ada jual beg sekolah B.A.P tak ? kalau ada tahu berapa harga dia tak? nak guna untuk musim sekolah ni :3

  15. Exo ?? Do You Have Exo Things :)

  16. Got another shop at Sq. Wang..i have been there..