A Doodle For a Promise.

by - Friday, July 20, 2012

Yesterday one of my coursemates in UMT drew a doodle of me on her blog!

*drum rolls everyone*


Isn't it cute?
What makes it so cute was that she tried to match the doodle with me.
I wear a purple coloured ladies bag to class everyday.
 and Mr.Sontang is actually our lecturer there in UMT.
The story was..
I accidentally met Intan during our semester break at IKEA.
I thought she was in Johor.
That was why I was really surprised.
but we were both in the rush and didn't have time to say anything to each other.
Just the :O faces were seen.
Then later that day, Intan posted on my wall.

When I found her blog..
I find that her doodles look so cute!!
all the doodles, the girls wear hijabs. ^^

Do check out her blog :

After that I immediately posted at her Facebook wall.

Lastly tadaa!!
She drew me a Doodle.
Thank you Intan. :)  

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