I Searched My Own Name on Google Images and Found This!

by - Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Assalamualaikum to my readers. :)
today I am going to write about Google & Me!!

what triggers me to write about this is actually because of  Syafiq! 
I remember it happened during our last semester.
at that time the physics students were advised to take on
Public Speaking as one of our compulsory subjects.

So I remember that Syafiq and I were sitting for our Test 2 for Public Speaking.
It was an online test.
and we both were sitting next to each other at the back,near the sliding door of Makmal Bahasa 2.
As for you who don't really know, this Makmal Bahasa 2 is equipped with computers.
so we can search anything online while the teachers are actually teaching in class.
This can only be apply for UMT students ye.
Universiti lain, saya tidak tahu.

Anyway, Syafiq finished his test first while I followed him right after.
It was then that he suddenly decided to do something horrible.
He searched my name on the Google search engine!!

Before I got accepted in UMT, I already did that many times before.
and I knew exactly what results the Google search engine will generate
if the box is filled with my name.

At first i thought that Syafiq was just doing a normal search.
which I was glad because i knew that only my blog would came out as a result.
So I was like phew~!
but when he started to click on the Image Search!!!

It was too late.
I cannot do anything but just watch as he laughed at a picture of me!

Image that Syafiq found.

The Class of 6 Baiduri (I guess I was chewing something kot. =_= )

look at the second picture!
is it that funny?
why did Syafiq laughed so hard?
i look pretty normal kn?
maybe because I look really different kot. =_=
grr!! I am going to get him soon!!
I remember looking at him like this before I totally change the subject.

Versi Comel

Versi Hodoh

anyway..these pictures of me were seen online because one of my old classmates,
Sakinah her name.
She uploaded these photos of my classmates and I at SK TTDI Jaya on a website.
6 Baiduri (2004) was the class name.
The website got all sorts of pictures, even for each members.
and there are even pictures of us at the reunion on the year 2005 at Dahiyah's house.  
You can see it all here.
I was only 12 years old when the above pictures were taken.
it sure brings back a lot of memories. :)

Have you ever search your name on Google?
If you don't then I suggest that you can try now.
before its too late!

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