Think More,Talk Less.

by - Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hi everyone. :)
How do u like my new layout?
Is it ok? Is it bothersome?
I notice that when I change the layout,the chat box become unavailable.
That means when I change into this layout,all the widgets are gone!
when I said gone! Its GONEEE!!!
The one thing that I can really get connected
to my readers is just through comments & the Facebook 'Like' button.
At first I was wondering whether I should change the layout or not.
but after awhile,I know that it does not matter whether you have a lot of readers or not.
Its just that you have readers that are loyal to you.
which are my family & friends of course.
or my stalker.
Hi Stalker.
Nice To Know You Are Reading My Blog~!

So yes, right now I am not going to focus on writing a really good article or self-article
that will be benefit to others.
By benefits I mean "memberi pengajaran" kepada ramai orang.
maybe others have different opinions from me but this is what I think.
What I write in my blog is just my opinion.
and how I portray my life through my own eyes and experience.
So please don't condemn just yet,listen & read first.
I think in life,you should give others chance to say something.
If not you just going to be caught in your own little mind.
and that is very very sad.

This is actually an introduction.
what I want to write in this entry is about Facebook actually.
maybe I will post the entry on.
anyway thank u for reading.
till then.

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  1. i hate youuuuuuu.
    sebab tak abeskan entri ni terus.