Japan Family Trip : Day 2 (Owakudani valley, Hakone)

by - Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hi there. :)
It's me again.
and today I am going to continue the journey!
Today's destination : Ōwakudani valley, Hakone!

For those who haven't read the first one,do check Japan Family Trip : Day 1 (Tokyo) .

9th February 2012.
Day 2 in Japan :

  •  Driving to reach the destination that is Owakudani valley, in Hakone.
  • Stayed at Kawaguchiko Hotel. The checked in time was at 3 pm.

The journey started.

Jumpa kedai basikal kat Jepun, susunan basikal itu semua jimat ruang sangat-sangat.


This is how Japan's Highway looks like.

Plaza Tol di Jepun.

Rail Track

A view of Mount Fuji.

We arrived at Ōwakudani valley, Hakone.

Mula turun dan keluarkan apa yang patut.

My mother is the best chef ever.
For me she's the greatest mother any child could have.
At this time,we were actually very tired since it was a long drive there.
and we didn't even ate anything except for an early breakfast.
So as you can see that in the picture, my mother was pulling out packets of food.
Yes, she's pulling out her great "Nasi Ayam"!! yay!!
hihi,for those yang belum pernah rasa nasi ayam itu mungkin tidak faham
kenapa saya would react like this. kan? 
for your information, my mom makes the best Nasi Ayam ever.
even during the time when we had open houses in Malaysia,
all of her children's friends would asked for her recipe.
My best friend who is studying in Egypt right now still remembers my mom's Nasi Ayam.
but then again, my mother loves her and always nice to her.
no wonder she's always remember my mom.
Wan ,if you are reading this right now.
Come back to Malaysia soon! because I miss you. ngungu..
Anyway, I want to show to you the Nasi Ayam in Hakone
but since the pictures got my family's faces in it..it can't be shown.
privacy matters!! hihi

The car that we rent to get there.

Round-round inside one of the gift shops.

nak beli, tapi semua mahal.hoho


Pening dah nak beli apa sebab semua benda mahal. >_<

Mount Fuji from the gift shop view.

Water from the hot springs.

Inside this there is the statue of Enmei Jizouson ( a Buddha). It is said to be Enmei Jizouson Temple.

Hiking about one kilometre to the Kuro-Tamago hot springs site.

Kuro-Tamago hot springs site.

Owakudani black hard-boiled eggs

 In Hakone,they are famous with black hard-boiled eggs.
The black eggs are chicken eggs that have been hard-boiled in the natural hot springs of the Owakudani section of Hakone (the upper station of the cable cars). The sulfur and dissolved minerals in the hot water react with the egg to turn the shell a deep black, supposedly creating life-enhancing properties — Japanese folklore says that eating a black egg adds seven years to your life.
Source :  marcsala

 Fuming from the volcano made my eyes water.
Jadi peace dengan senyuman tapi mata dah semakin sepet.

View from the hot springs.

Epic picture is a must! haha,thanks to my younger brother for taking this picture. ;)
We've been here!! Foot prints stamped!

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  1. ta bahaya ke volcano's fumes masuk mata tu?

    1. bahaya juga.tu sebab diorang tak bagi duduk kat situ lama-lama.
      lagi-lagi bila ilya pakai contact lenses. :)

  2. Hello: Is the drive there from Tokyo easy?? I am planning to drive from tokyo to Owakudani as well. Does the toll Plaza take credit card?